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A naming ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a traditional christening.

You may not follow a religion or be a regular church goer, but would still like to celebrate the formal naming of your child, in a significant way, surrounded by your family and friends. Saying that, these ceremonies tend to be more relaxed and informal affairs, brimming with pride, happiness and joy. They really are fun to do!

You can choose any venue you like. It can be a private room in a smart hotel, a village hall, the beach or even your own garden, weather permitting.

I start by welcoming the guests and then give some interesting facts about the parents, the pregnancy, the baby’s birth and how the name was chosen. I like to include some history about the name itself and if the child is called after a relative, a friend or even someone historical or famous, that adds an interesting slant too.

Guide parents or Sparents can be chosen to act in the traditional Godparent role. These are people who will play an important part in the child’s life as mentors.

During the ceremony, I ask them and the parents to make pledges to the child. It’s quite normal for people to add amusing ones of their own too, at this point. There’s always one naughty uncle!.

I really encourage family and friends to take part in the day, with readings, songs and poetry. Of course you can include religious content if you wish too.

At the end of the ceremony the baby is formerly named. In celebration we can sing a song, cheer loudly, light a candle or set free balloons – anything you like.

To remind you of the day I’ll present you with a signed certificate and a copy of the ceremony, as a keepsake.


Don’t just take it from me. Here’s what my clients are saying…….

“even the hotel’s wedding planner mentioned how amazing the service was”

Al & Arlen

“our friends and family said it was the most moving and unique wedding they’d ever been to”

Ryan & Chris

“You captured our spirit and words cannot express how grateful we are”

Al & Arlen

“It was even more beautiful than we could ever have imagined and truly the best day of our lives.”

Aroa & Winnie

“all our guests said they have never experienced such a wonderful service”

Al & Arlen

“we were in tears of joy and laughter throughout the ceremony. We would recommend Jacquie 110%”

Mandy & Debbie

“The ceremony that Jacquie created really exceeded our expectations, and she absolutely captured the tone and feel that we wanted”

Melanie & Eoin

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