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Some of you may not be familiar with Handfasting, so I just thought I’d explain what it’s all about.

Handfasting is one of the oldest known marriage rituals in the world. It’s a wonderful, symbolic and spiritual ceremony, often related to nature, and is believed to span several cultures. It dates back thousands of years and is thought to originate from Celtic traditions.

Hand fasting is used in various forms in many wedding ceremonies to this day. It’s where our well known expressions like “tying the knot,” and “taking a hand in marriage” originate from.

During the Handfasting, the couple stand, holding hands, whilst I bind their wrists together with braided cords or ribbons that I have made, especially for them.

The traditional words spoken before, during and after the ceremony and are very special, adding real romance and significance to the everlasting pledges and promises the couple are making. If fact the words never fail to get me a little choked up!

The ceremony is absolutely beautiful and very moving. It always gets an amazing response from guests.

Many couples like to include a hand fasting within their wedding ceremony, but it’s also a wonderful way to celebrate a renewal of vows, an engagement or a commitment to be together.

A fun addition to the Handfasting ceremony is a traditional ‘Jumping the Broom” ritual, that symbolises the creation of a hearth and home together.

This tradition has a long history with marriage and cohabitation in Europe, Africa and America.

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